Errol posting one of his worst formatted posts ever about WVU adding new food to the stadium this year, brought up something I’ve been meaning to say for awhile now.

Primanti Bros IS Pittsburgh food. It’s the signature. Clam Chowder in Boston, Pizza in Chicago, or whatever the hell people in Milwaukee eat….lard. When I go to Pittsburgh for a game, I want some Primanti Bros. Imagine my disappointment when I go to the Primanti Bros in PNC park and see that its not even a real Primanti Bros. Its just a normal vendor with like 2 Primanti Sandwiches (I think Cheese steak and then some crap nobody wants, like Turkey).


Out of town people come into PNC park for a game, and they want to try this fine cuisine, and yet you’re feeding them the knockoff gucci bag version of it. Horrible business. Horrible.

Just put a restaurant at the park. It’d be gangbusters. I’d wait in line to get into the gates at 5:30 every time just to get to Primanti Bros the RESTAURANT. At least put one in at the club level, I mean I’ll pay extra to keep the common folk out if that’s what it takes.


P.S. – If you’re thinking “Its actually titled Primanti Brothers, not Bros.” then you have underestimated just how lazy I actually am.